Generating Ioncube Licenses

Automating License Generation

Now generating a license is great, but what we really need is something that can do so on automation. Normally you would have some kind of member panel setup to dispense a license based on user’s login credentials. But for this simple example we’re going to use a transaction ID as the go-ahead on generating a license. You can expand this to limit the number of licenses provided for a member. Let’s assume you have a database setup with transaction information (for example this Paypal IPN script).

ioncube_encoder5 /projects/myproject --into /encoded-projects

The same can be done with Python. I use the Circuits framework for this, and proxy_pass to it via Nginx to serve this small app, and in this example it is using a Sqlite database as well as recording IPN notices:

ioncube_encoder5 --with-license key.php --passphrase yourpassphrasehere /projects/myproject --into /encoded-projects

While I know its a bit strange to generate an ionCube license from python for a PHP project, it does quite well in terms of performance. If you have any questions regarding generating a license you can either ask on the ionCube forums, or just submit a comment here.

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