My name is Karl Blessing and this is my technical blog. My articles are primarily focused on development how-tos and DIY guides regarding the usual web development (css, jquery, php, geoip) with a heavy emphasis on my favorite HTTP Server Nginx. I am currently located in Grand Rapids, Michigan and working as a freelance developer and consultant for the last 6 years (professional developer since 2000). (Testimonials)

Nginx Community Volunteer
I am an official operator of #Nginx on the Freenode Network (irc.freenode.net). My nickname there is kblessinggr. So if you are having problems with Nginx feel free to drop by and chat a bit, there’s usually someone helpful on most times of the day. More information regarding the Nginx community (A volunteer community effort) can be found at Nginx Wiki.

IonVz – Owner
I also own and operate a VPS Hosting company called IonVZ of which you may see an ad or two for on this site. IonVz focuses primarily on OpenVz based Virtual Private Servers offering not only the basis operating systems you normally get with a VPS, but also a customized Nginx-based VPS template preconfigured and customized for customer’s uses for those looking to take advantage of the Nginx HTTP Server.


  1. Andrew says:


    I have a question regarding the cloaking script please. Just wondered how I can have the ‘bh’ url string allow a variable on the end. I’m using a tracking script which appends my query string with for example ‘http://www.bhurlhere.com?kw=23456’



  2. kbeezie says:

    In the kblinker script I wrote a while back, I wrote a couple lines that would take the query string via $_SERVER[‘QUERY_STRING’] and place it onto the end of the destination url. In that way anything attached to the original url would get passed onto the destination. So perhaps by that kind of mean.

  3. prologic says:

    Nice update about yourself 🙂

    What about your love for Python and circuits.web ? 🙂


  4. James Mills says:

    Hey Karl. How’s it going these days? What are you up to?


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