Deploying circuits.web with Nginx/uwsgi

Now if you would prefer to launch your applications behind their own uWSGI process you can simply change (or duplicate) the uWSGI configuration like so:


Then you can simply remove the UWSGI_SCRIPT and UWSGI_CHDIR parameters from your Nginx configuration, and point uwsgi_pass directly at the listening address for that specific application.

For more configuration options regarding the uWSGI server check out their Documentation

Additional Resources

Nginx Wiki – Full of documentation and guides contributed by the community.
Circuits – Circuits Documentation at
Genshi – A very useful Python library for processing HTML, XML and other text output.
SQLAlchemy – Gives Python application developers the full power and flexibility of SQL.

Remember that for Python 3, responses need to be sent as byte instances. This can either be done with typing it as bytes for example b”A string”, or encoding “A string”.encode(‘utf-8’).

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